Monday, 18 March 2013

Welcome to the wonderful world of M.A.L.L.

The world online is super bountiful with creative works of art.
All the arts in the ART WORLD contribute to enjoyment of life on Earth.
Here we wish to share with you a showcase on Artisan AySes Dunya Portela.
Recently married she still uses her Professional name  AySes Dunya
This multi-facetted artisan has been creating works and bodies of art since she was a child.
Her abilities and talents are not easily framed and therefore she has developed herself according to the winds that blow, meaning however the flow came she went with it and is in a constant state of re-creation.
Professional Artisan and Creator~Designer AySes Dunya has melded old, rustic, refurbished, reworked, and recycled aspects into creations that are practical, & functional.

Her art is refreshing in its EYE CANDY APPEAL and we look forward to seeing what she comes up with next!

Background; AySes Dunya is a professional Toronto based artisan who for the last 10 plus years has been creating, producing, and refurbishing items of antiquity. Her 3 shops that were all located in Kensington Market had all one very important thing in common= Up-cycling and refurbishing the old into the new. Re-Warming these items took them from unwanted to re-loved. Ayses credits her grandmother for this as she had come thru the WWII crapshoot and taught AySes to recycle and reuse EVERY THING she had. This combined with learning different ways to recreate as the years passed by brought into view what we now share with you. With the loss of her last shop AySes took a major hit, losing her house, her 2000 sq. ft. antique refurbishing studio space, and her health she needed a long time to get back on her feet. Today we are proud to announce the revamped take on where her last store took off. Rrustic turned into Rrustic Casting. Which is a darker, more raw formula created for ppl who love reworked old stuff, who enjoy raw old barn wood that is over 100 years old, and combined it with rustic old iron that is still good to go for another 100 years.

The world she is presenting is full of old furnishings, pillows, art, jewellery, and body care from her other side project where she makes organic homemade skin care dedicated to help nourish your body and calm your mind in its all ORGANIC approach. A home practice where she is a HELPER HEALER is presently where she is centered. However that does not stop her from continuing to work on her other loves. Such as her Music, now working on her 6th album she is taking a tender amount of time with this one and hopes it will be the best she has done so far. Recently she has Published 3 books online of her arts and is thrilled about the books to come.

All of this and all her side projects are part time creations that she produces as she is schooling to gain her Doctrine in Metaphysical Sciences as well as working towards a diploma in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). A busy lady with lots on the move this project Rrustic Castings fills her desire to continue to create living usable art out of antique/old home decor and furnishings.

The world of AySes Dunya is found under an UMBRELLA she created, that links you to her MUSIC; PLUS most of her present project or you can also click links below~

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you can also visit here for an overview of her ONLINE PORTFOLIO

To read her 3 online books you will find them downloadable at
Rustic Reason
88 Praha
Who I am & Where I was

To learn more about her Body Care line called OrganicxNotionz;

Whether its singing for her supper, or helping others heal, developing DIY workshops, or healing and learning LIFE as far as this Artisan is concerned it is all about ART~!
to write to AySes you can contact her at